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Glowa Boa LED Glow Scarf – Rainbow

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Each Glowa Boa LED Glow Scarf uses a 9v battery to light up luxurious colored faux fur. This style features a vibrant neon rainbow pattern.

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Product Description

The Glowa Boa LED glow scarf is eye-catching and full of whimsy. Take a few of these battery-powered LED glow scarves along to a concert, event or party and keep track of your friends. Also comes with a wall plug to allow you to plug in your scarf for a delightful display at night.

The end of the fur scarf has an on/off button in the zipper pocket, where you can also store extra batteries.

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Your Glowa Boa also serves as a illuminated addition to your home! The 9 volt battery connector on the Glowa Boa can be disconnected and a wall plug adapter cord can be connected using the same power port. This allows you to use your Glowa Boa battery free to be enjoyed for endless hours.

Additional Information


100% Polyester.

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold; outer shell only.Tumble dry low; outer shell only.Remove internals before washing/drying.

Washing/Care Instructions
Your Glowa Boa is easy to clean. Open the zipper and pull out the internals out through the zipper hole by gently sliding the faux fur skin down. Once you’ve separated the outer skin from the internals the fur can be put into your washing machine. Use cold water, mild detergent, tumble dry low. Never submerge or was the internals.

Now it’s time to put the internals in the fur! Turn the outer skin inside-out. Then take the tail end of the internals (the end without the button and port) and push them into the inside-out tail (end of the fur without the zipper) of the outer skin. Slide the outer skin over the internals until everything is back to normal.

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